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Fact's & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
When Traveling Abroad



  • 500 Million people are infected each year.
  • 30,000 travelers bring this home each year.
  • One child dies every 30 seconds from Malaria.
  • Take anti-malaria medication in conjunction with DEET spray.

Fruits & Vegetables:
Just remember, If you can't boil it, or peel it, then just forget it.


Q. I'm traveling in one week. Is it too late to get vaccinated.

A. No, vaccines begin making antibodies immediately. However, it is advisable to get vaccines 1 month in advance to be safe.

Q. I heard I can get the flu from the flu shot. Is that true.

A. NO! The Flu vaccine is not live and cannot give you anything except a temporarily sore arm.

Q. I heard I should wait later in the year (Dec/Jan ) to get the shot because I would be sure it was still working in my system.

A. NO! The Flu vaccine is good
for 1 year, get it as soon as you can.

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